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Fallen Destiny is an anime series created by Brandon Jones and Robert Burton. Fallen Destiny has been in development since 11/19/13 and will see a release sometime 2016. Fallen Destiny is either going to be a OVA series or a TV Series. If it remains as a OVA series it will stream on the official EHE - Enhance Entertainment website once its up and it will maybe stream on Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Anime Network,. This is not final its only speculation. It will also be streamed on EHE - Enhance Entertainment YouTube channel. If it ends up being a TV series it will be on Adult Swim.

Short Description

In a world crushed by humanity's short comings two fallen hero's rain from the heavens in order to fix a broken past which leads to an endless future where there is no light. How will they fair against the heavy hand of time? And who will try to prevent their success?